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Q: Will CD-ROM Tool work with my CD-ROM drive?
A: You can try looking at the small-but-growing compatibility list. This is NOT a definitive list, so if your drive is not listed there, the only way to find out is to try it.

Q: Will CD-ROM Tool work with my DVD drive?
A: It is unlikely, but not unheard of. It seems to be more common for CD-ROM Tool to be able to set the spindown of a DVD drive, but I have heard one report of speed setting also working.

Q: Why doesn't CD-ROM Tool detect my drive's maximum speed?
A: First, make sure you've tried increasing the tolerance and redetecting. If that doesn't work, read the note about this behavior on the instructions page.

Q: Will CD-ROM Tool damage my drive?
A: CD-ROM Tool does not and cannot make your drive do anything it was not designed to do. However, as with most hardware tweaking software, you still must use it responsibly to avoid damaging your drive.

I advise the following:
-Do not allow your drive to remain spinning at a high speed (especially Constant Angular Velocity speeds) for long periods of time.
-Do not allow your drive to constantly spin up then spin down.

In other words, do not combine very high or very low spindown times with fast read speeds. Please use your best judgement.

Q: CD-ROM Tool won't let me set my drive to a lower read speed. What's wrong?
A: Don't forget to try increasing the speed detection tolerance and redetecting your drive's speeds. If this yields nothing, then your drive may simply not support speed setting. This is not uncommon, since speed setting is an optional part of the CD-ROM specification.

If you wish to verify that your drive does not support speed setting, try a similar program (such as CD-Bremse). If that program also does not detect any lower speeds, be assured that your drive is locked at its max speed.

Q: CD-ROM Tool won't let me set my drive's spindown time. What's wrong?
A: Some drives don't support spindown setting, because it is an optional part of the CD-ROM specification. Please note that all standard spindown times always appear in the pulldown box regardless of whether your drive's spindown time can be set.

Q: I thought of a useful feature that's missing from CD-ROM Tool. Can you add it?
A: Much of the functionality in CD-ROM Tool is the result user suggestions. I won't implement just any suggestion, but if you've thought of something that will benefit a wide range of users, there's a fair chance I'll want to implement it. The only thing I ask in return is that you help me test the new developments.

Q: How can I find out what version of CD-ROM Tool I'm using? Where's the version number?
A: I don't keep traditional version numbers for CD-ROM Tool. Each release of CD-ROM Tool is identified by the date on which it was built.

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